Joining the Studio

Prospective students (both beginners and transfers) join the studio after a brief preview lesson. The preview gives us an opportunity to meet in person, and also helps me to assess a student’s needs as a player. 

 Wait list

I am very thankful for the tremendous enthusiasm for violin playing in our community!  As a result, the studio is typically full, so I keep a waitlist for future openings. Wait times so far have ranged between 1-6 months. If you are interested in joining the wait list, please reach out to schedule a preview lesson.  Once a student is added to the wait list I am able to offer them occasional lessons when I have cancellations. 

*As of June 2019, the waitlist is temporarily closed. I don’t anticipate any available openings until January 2020 at the earliest, and don’t want to keep anyone waiting that long. Please check back in early November.